Day 5

The ants have been busy as usual over night. The tunnel system now spans almost the entire way across the formicarium. Unfortunately we had our first demise yesterday. A tiny forager ant slunk off to the outworld to pass away. It’s super clever and thoughtful that they do this so as they always have the farms best interest at heart. They don’t want their remains to germ up and polite the rest of the farm so they simply leave whilst they can. You probably can’t see the eggs in the final picture as they are tiny specs and white (in the last picture). I also took some pictures of the farm from the back today as the tunnels look slightly clearer from that side. The ants have started being quite sneaky though as many of the tunnels that the ants have now dug you can’t see as they have only excavated the inside of the tunnels and not gone out to the glass / Perspex side so you can’t see them, just the main chambers where they start or end. A good example of this is almost directly in the Center of the nest, there is a small upward facing V indent at the bottom and you can see the chamber directly above near the top. You’ll have to trust me, but I’ve observed the ants going in at the bottom and appearing at the top. The space described above also appears to be the egg store as if you get close enough you can see some of the queens first batch of eggs in there. The queen is playing a very hands on role in the nest at the moment and shows up all over. Not completely sure what they’re doing with all the removed sand at the top of the formicarium at the moment. It’s now gone a bit crazy. They’ve cut themselves off from the outworld where we put the food. I might need to go ask some questions on a forum as I shouldn’t try to move that waste or I could collapse the whole nest.


Sad day, this little ant didn’t make it. This is however part of the nature cycle, so this might be the first but certainly will not be the last. The queen herself might have a potential life span of 16 years, but the different types of worker ants are not built to last.


The queen busy organising all over the nest.


Eggs in the nest


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